QA Lead

Starting from Jan 1st 2008 – I started as a QA tester for SEGA out of their offices in West London.

Initially starting on the night shift [SEGA ran a 3 shift system, so the office was always open], I worked in small teams testing code for EU submissions.

This involved loading code onto debug machines, testing the game under real world & stress testing manual conditions, and logging any issues for the development team to resolve in the next days code.

It’s worth noting that there are a lot of games left off this portfolio. Some games are still covered under NDA’s, as they have not been announced or released. Other games that are mentioned but not shown were games I worked on in prototype phase only, and as such what I worked on is not reflective of the released title.

  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Games [2008/Wii]
  • SEGA Superstar Tennis [2008/All SKU’s]
  • Sonic Unleashed [2008 / PS3]
  • Marvel Phase 1 SEGA games [2008 / PS3]
  • Unnamed SEGA Remake [TBA]
  • Aliens Prototype [Never released]
  • Total War Franchise games [2008 / All SKU’s]
  • Yakuza 1 [PS2]


What I Did

QA Tester & Analyst.

The first game I tested was

the hyper-intesting

SEGA Bass Fishing [Gamecube Edition]

It was kinda fun in it’s own way, but being put on this game was a stroke of luck. In my first session, I found a gamebreaking bug that had not been discovered in the entire games development. This brought me to the attention to the heads of department – that were keen to bring me onto more projects.

I got sent to Japan

to work on the first

Sonic & Mario Olympic sports title

While this wasn’t the first time I had worked in Japan, it was the first time I had worked for a Japanese company. It was an honour to work both for SEGA and Nintendo during this time.

I became embedded in

the core software development


After some success at defining and reporting a series of crippling bugs on the PS3 build of Vikings, SEGA promoted me and sent me along to development studios in the UK/USA/Japan to work with development teams and resolve critical issues before each games respective submission dates.

… & I got a chance

to work on a main-line

Sonic game

While the response to the hedgehog levels was mixed, it seems like most fans agreed that the Sonic stages were very well put together. If you have a chance, check it out for yourself – even if its just for the sublime music.

Super Monkey Ball iOS announcement at Apples SDK conference – 2008

& One More Thing

First wave iPhone game

Super Monkey Ball iOS was one of the first iPhone games ever built, and I had the honour of working on this in the hectic run up to the games launch on the App Store

Uncharted Waters

Working on an unreleased platform with a work-in-progress SDK meant that learning testing on a no-button interface became it's own unique challenge. A lot of what we learnt was debriefed into teams worldwide and something I'm grateful to have taken part in.

Some additional projects I worked on