Project Coordinator


Before leaving SEGA, I was promoted to a QA Designer and was brought on to a small, but excellent team of testers to work on the critically acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles.

Our team was responsible not only for testing code, but feeding back on balance and design choices that would shape the localisation of this game.

Most of the day was involved testing the latest code, but every morning we’d run a sprint with the Japanese development team and feed in regarding UI changes, QoL changes & general bugs with each new piece of code.

After a few weeks I was asked to fly over to the offices in SEGA and put together the submission code for the BBFC, and to review marketing materials & box art for each market the game was launching in outside of Japan.


Valkyria Chronicles [PS3]



What I Did

Localisation Coordinator & QA

Remastered Trailer

Retaining the Japanese

In a Japanese game

Valkyria Chronicles was one of the first RPG’s at the time to allow for a downloadable Japanese VO pack, that allowed players the world over to listen to the originally directed voice over. 

This game also received the same tuning as the original Japanese game, along with all it’s. Now we consider these to be normal, but back in 2008 – it was still considered normal to re-tune and localise every element that publishers thought would turn off Western consumers. I’m grateful to this day that SEGA kept an open mind on this game, and I believe one of the reasons it’s considered a cult classic is because it retains the same charm the world over.


Easy Allies Review

4.5 out of 5 Stars

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