Project Manager


Skype Music was one of the largest social-media driven executions POSSIBLE dealt with in 2014 & 2015 and covered all UK and US activation’s for this particular campaign. Skypes entire brand position at the time was ‘Getting you Closer’, and we needed to demonstrate this in authentic ways.

For Skype Music, we demonstrated this by getting fans closer to the bands they loved – retrofitting Skype’s group chat & group call functions to give you access to the artists in ways fans had never done so before.

  • Skype Live Studio
  • Skype Sasquatch

Microsoft Skype

What We Did

Strategy, UX, Creative, Live event support & Community management

The User Journey

Skype Live Studio

With Skype Live Studio, we supported with targeted social media posts aimed at fans of the music – while leveraging our community management on the Skype platform to deliver unique content and 1:1 skype video calls with the talent.

Skype Sasquatch

We also supported the Skype Music campaign at celebrated music events such as the Sasquatch Music Festival. Artists would enter the Skype branded trailer and answer questions live on a Skype group chat setup for the event.