Project Manager

Some of Microsoft’s propertiies had for a number of years sponsored the Xfactor TV show, and for the first time OneDrive had the oppotunity to work in conjunction with Xbox and Skype to get their message across.

OneDrive had managed to secure rights to function as the principal sponsor on the Xfactor’s offical secodn screen app – however while the brand’s name was slowly being more recongnised, there wasn’t the desired leads into the OneDrive service itself.

My team was tasked with getting passionate Xfactor fans into the OneDrive application.

In order to achieve this, we came up with a mechanic that had fans of the Xfactor use a OneDrive folder [with all its supported file types] as a treasure hunt. We’d insert content into a folder each week, along with images that explained the competition mechanic, and then ask fans to find an object [or X many objects] hidden in the photos.

Fans who guessed correctly back the the official OneDrive Xfactor social media accounts were entered into a prize draw for tickets to be at the show in person [VIP treatment].

In order to drive up engagement, we created ads that appeared on the offical Xfactor app during the ad breaks, and engaged in targeted social media/ECRM campaigns during the shows run. Each week, we had over 10k correct-answering entrants during the 6hr window the competition was open each week.

OneDrive were particular fans of this approach, and rolled out our execution across a host of different events worldwide for the following 2 years.


X Factor OneDrive


Microsoft OneDrive

What We Did

Strategy, Creative, Build, UX & Community Management

The OneDrive

Controlling the content

We commissioned photographs to be taken to easily allow smart competition mechanics to occur, such as finding poppies pinned to the contestants dress wardrobe.

Smart Design

We wanted to use OneDrive exactly like consumers would, but needed to explain to users the competition mechanics to win. Simply using folder names and images, we turned the responsive nature of the OneDrive app to our advantage


In order to conform to legal guidelines in the UK, we had to ensure T&C's were front and centre. Using the same approach as CTA's, we tricked the OneDrive auto-sort system into putting a folder of T&C's at the top left of every responsive layout.