101 had a simple remit; Make the all important Q4 ad campaign for TV [Digital-Preroll]. GAME’s format had remained, like it’s competitors – simple.  They focused less on the creative framework, and just focused on giving as much ad time to the deal as possible.

It works, but in a sea of ads all saying the same thing – often for similar prices – we recommended to GAME that using an interesting framing device for the deals would help them stand out from the herd.

Given the direction of the Gaming industry at the time, where paid influencers were the driving force for sales [a paid off Youtuber, not exactly disclosing their relationship with the retailer/publisher that was sponsoring them – was a common story coming out of the gaming press at the time], the creative team developed an idea that would turn a concept – true to any gamers heart – right on it’s head.

The idea was simple, we wanted to get a famous gamer with a pre-existing Youtube channel to fully disclose how much they were ‘Selling out’ to GAME to promote their deals. Each week we’d output a couple of new TVC spots with the latest deals GAME was promoting, all shot and produced out of the Youtuber’s house.

As simple as this idea was, it was incredibly complicated to pull together. The first challenge was to find a Youtuber who could act, and had sufficent reach and followers to make the channel worth pursuing. We were very fortunate to 


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