Project Coordinator

Blue Hive London were tasked with building and deploying the first custom bespoke webuild from Ford, coding from the ground up a responsive webpage in time for the a new wave of TVC ads driving to the site. was designed to highlight Fords cutting edge technology that they developed for every car they had on the market, from advanced brake tech to camera assisted parking.

I was hired to understand the CMS system [for the most part, a series of JSON files linked to a database] built by the small development team, and then unassisted – manage and deploy updates to the site with approved stakeholder content, completed media content & finalised legal elements. I had to self-QA all my own work and test across a series of devices – but thankfully due to the scale of the web build – my role was also shared with 3 other project coordinators, sitting under the stewardship of the head of technology.

Once the English build had been completed, my contract as extended to liase with 30 different local markets to deploy localised version of the site over 3 months. This involved stakeholder management of all WPP agencies involved in the localisation aroudn the world, their clients & then deploying the approved content back into the site build & QA’ing the content.

Project Global Launch


Ford Motors WW

What The Team Did

Ground up be-spoke web build, content localisation, content coordination, QA and deployment.