Agency Producer

Dunelm, the UK’s largest furniture retailer, came to 101 with a problem – how do we become a more relevant company to the modern consumer? 101 figured the best solution to this question as to offer a simple solution – make consumers think about relatable situations to sell them products.

Given how early in the relationship the agency and the business were, only a small budget was allocated to this test-pilot campaign.

This was Dunelm’s first digital only campaign.

The idea was simple – we’d illustrate situations that every parent could relate too [thinking back to their student days]. The lack of a pasta strainer in student halls, or the chronic lack of bowls in a shared house were all situations the target consumer had been in growing up, and with simply vignettes we wanted to illustrate these humerous situations & the creative solutions we knew people had come up with to resolveĀ  – while highlighting that the actual utensils from Dunelm were cheap enough to warrant a purchase.

I was given 2 weeks, one of which was needed to get storyboards written from the original concept idea, the other for all pre-production needs including location and casting.

Despite the shoe-string budget, the wonderful production firm Friend, agreed to work on this project and brought onboard the talented Terry Hall to direct, along with bringing onboard their own talent production team to help pull this together in record time.

We ended up filming in an actual student halls with 1st year university students in very true to life ads that we hoped consumers would relate too.

After these were promoted on Instagram, Dunelm was pleasantly surprised by the hundreds of comments each video received – all with Mom’s & Dad’s nodding in agreement about the hilarious make-shift situations.


Dunelm ‘Cheat Day’


Dunelm // 101

What We Did

Social, Print & Digital Pre-Roll

Social Ads

Feat. on Youtube [Pre-Roll], Facebook & Instagram [Paid Media]. These were all shot in the space of a day.

While we filmed and edited 9 videos in total, only 6 made the cut [2 were funny, but didn’t sell a particular product in this sale range. 1 was simply too hot for TV – but will forever live in on in my mind as the most entertaining shoot in recent memory. Hopefully one day, Dunelm will release this ad so I can share it here.