Senior Producer [Agency]

Seeing the success of our Student campaign, Dunelm released further funds for a full TVC campaign for their Autumn campaign – Get Comfy [the idea that formed from the pitch 101 used to win the account]. This also involved digital pre-roll adapts, print adapts & a Dolby Cinema mix, giving the ad campaign a lot of converge. With a more generous 8 week production schedule, we were able to bring onboard a great mix of production and post-production partners, surrounding the incredibly talented Danny Longo who agreed to work on this commercial shoot.

Once our initial concept had been signed off by client, we worked together with B-Reel & director Danny Sangra in production, from treatments through to the final grade production.

Over the course of a single day, the crew pulled together to shoot all 3 ads involving kids, dogs & a dinner party of guests. Due to production constraints, we ended up filming all three ads in the same location – a house in East London.

Post Production was supported by the fantastic team at Time Based Arts, getting grade done in record time.

Each ad was staggered over the course of Autumn 2016. Each ad received over 3000 comments on Instagram each, 1million views each on Youtube and Dunelm saw a significant sales uptick in the 3rd quarter following the campaign launch.


Get Comfy



What We Did

Campaign Idea, Concept, Full TVC Production, Print Adapts, Digital Roll-out

Print Work


Despite a great tag line, the creative concept for TVC didn’t work in print by itself – due to the nature of the slow payoff in the TVC [slight of hand].

As a result, we commissioned the excellent studio Another, and famous stylist Anna Burns, to bring the tag line to life in a different way – to make you feel comfy and to make the product look premium. DOOH assets were also commissioned, so that the lights in this ad execution would light on and off – bringing the ad further to life beyond animated text.