Project Manager

CME Europe’s brief to POSSIBLE had the line, ‘The biggest company you’ve never heard of’. The next line had one ask; to solve this issue.

Knowing our audience of brokers in the city were time poor and often difficult to target with digital advertising [at the time], we decided to go offline for this digital brief – the first time this had happened at POSSIBLE London

We came up with the tag line, ‘Chicago Born, London Based’ and adapted creative to work with the copy.

The ads we concepted and produced were designed to ‘offline target’ the direct audience of CME Europe and make them aware of the companies offering through attention grabbing creative.

We produced this both as a series of print ads in financial daily news papers, DOOH ads in the finance districts of London & as a cab wrap for a fleet of Black Cabs operating in and around Bank – the heartland of trading in the city.


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CME Europe

What We Did

Strategy, Concept & Production

‘Chicago born

London based’

The black cab wrap was paired with a custom interior & autographed print recipts, bringing to life the idea that a Chicago yellow taxi was merged with the traditional London Black Cabs.

These cabs were a tremendous success, often cited as the core piece of creative that brought the campaign to life. as a result, CME continued this execution for 2 years, up from the 1 month it was meant to run.

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