Executive Producer

I was brought onto American Express Global [from an initial UK only remit] to solve a problem the team hadn’t faced before; producing TVC ads for the Japanese market.

To be clear, It wasn’t that the team didn’t have confidence in working on Japanese ads – but it was more the request from the client required the Japanese ad to be created out of London, and it needed someone who could both deliver high quality TVC campaigns – but do so with a complex chain of stakeholders both in London & Tokyo.

With previous experience working in the Far East [Japan and S.Korea], I worked with the global account team in Ogilvy & Mather, the Executive Creative Director based out of London, the Creative Director in Tokyo [along with the then head of production], the production crew I awarded the work out of here in London and [finally] the VO artist in Japan – all of which had to be done over the course of a 10 week production period from initial concept to final delivery.

The concept phase was as interesting as any part of production, with teams from Ogilvy Tokyo and Ogilvy London having a friendly competition to pitch ideas to a focus group of individuals in Ginza. Eventually, one of the ideas that came out of London won the day – but it was a close call and an incredibly insightful experience. When the creative concept developed, the Tokyo-based creative team were brought in at every step of pre-production, helping steering the London-based creative on the nuances and consumer behaviours at every step.

We brought on the award winning production company Not to Scale to bring this campaign to life. Their expertise & level of craftsmanship not only made the campaign visually striking, but also felt premium and eloquent. Their hard work & long hours come through here with smooth animations and clean visuals.

Finally, we were honoured to have 十一代目市川海老蔵 come in and voice all three of our TVC spots.


Japan – POC


American Express [Global]

What We Did

Creative, production, post production & final delivery [TVC/Digital supporting assets [Banners etc]]

Three Ads

Representing coverage in Japan

Animated with effortless motion.

Creative & Script – Ogilvy & Mather

Directed by – Colin Hesterly & Matthais Hoegg [Not To Scale]

Voiced by Ebizo Ichikawa [十一代目市川海老蔵]

Making of - 'AMEX Japan POC'

Find out more about the process behind this ad and how it came to life

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