Alex Finn

Producer // PM // Coffee Lover

First of all, thank you for taking time to visit this site. If you are a propsective employer, I hope the Portfolio section has given you enough incentive to reach out. If you are a friend/family, I hope the blog section has kept you up to speed on where I am or what I’m doing [Hi Mom!]. If you are an internet stalker, close the laptop down. You are better than this!

My name is Alex Finn & I’m a Producer, currently living and working in London. I spend about 25% of my year in Japan & S.Korea, both for work and for pleasure. I currently have aspirations on moving east full time.

If you ask me where I sit [digital or ATL], I’ll often respond that I’m a Campaign Producer. I’ve intentionally bounced between ATL & BTL agencies to get an extensive amount of experience on all types of deliverable, and I’m more comfortable taking complete ownership for a campaign than I am working in a single execution.

Over the past year, I’ve worked as a Senior Producer for Ogilvy & Mather [inc OgilvyOne & Ogilvy Business units], running my own team on American Express and EY respectively.

Ontop of the standard TVC & digital web-build projects that stereotype ATL/BTL roles, I’ve also worked on onsite experiential, radio, VR, holographic projection installations, art galleries, magazines, banner ads, complex and simple video games [and on and on]…



As an Agency Producer/PM



From the likes of Shell & Skype, to more recent wins with EY.


Worked In

I’ve had the good fortune of working in different parts of the world, including Japan, S.Korea & the USA. I’m currently based out of London, U.K